Finance control



We perform quality control, fulfillment of contracts, standards and regulations. From intricate commercial buildings to small construction units.


We have considerable experience in the construction companies' control of contractors' invoices in what is done and what is actually delivered. This is what cost control is all about. We cover all professional groups, including architects and engineers, as well as public fee structures.


We also check security permissions as well as warranties which ensures financial management of the entire project.


By using the building diagram for subcontracts, you always have an overview of the deposit and payment for each contract and total costs in relation to the budget. This ensures the best quality and control of the construction project when using advisors with a lot of experience and broad competence, which we can document.


We take care of the construction accounting and the follow-up of contractors.


Feel free to contact us for further clarification, we have extensive knowledge of finance control.





We do budgeting for your project. We look at expected cash flows, construction costs and expected ongoing project costs. This is part of the first phase of real estate development. A proper due diligence is important to uncover opportunities and pitfalls for your project. Real estate players make mistakes when they take too easy on the initial phase of real estate development.


We provide professional assistance in that we know the costs of construction and follow the development of the property market closely analysing sale of listed properties.