Housing sales report

We offer housing sales reports based on NS 3600 standard or our own customized control system.


The old housing sales report are still in use, but we've never offered the report due to it being an inadequate report in our opinion. Instead, we offer help to house buyers who have discovered serious discrepancies after relocation not mentioned in the housing  sales report.


The seller of real estate often only detects errors when seen in housing sales report. The housing sales report and broker services are two independent services where the broker is not responsible for the housing sales report.


Seller will be responsible to the buyer for the appraiser's mistake in the housing sales report. The broker has no responsibility.


Bad housing reports combined with "sold as it is" - clauses worsens the buyer's problems.


It is often claimed that 50% of new houses have discrepiances, something that is misleading. More correct is to say that 100% of new houses have discrepancies but with varying degrees of deviation. Many new houses needs to be fixed for large amounts, which indicates that buyers of resale homes should be even more alert


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