Maps and subdivision

In autumn 2013 we took the initiative for the new government to initiate the process of a new "land register law", a law that has now come so far that the major changes allowing free land survey choices were discussed in the Energy and Environment Committee in June 2017. Further processing and legislative decisions will take place in the Parliament.


If implemented, the whole of Norway will get far cheaper map and subdividing of land services. In total billions of NOK will be saved - we will be more than happy to offer our clients excellent service!


We have a lot of experience with assistance in land demarcations, litigation and knowledge of the "land register law", property sales and analysis of old property documents. We assist as an expert in all jurisdictions including the Land Claims Court.


Our equipment is from the industry-leading Leica and we are also a Leica representative nationwide in the GPS network for the 12th year now.