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Ing.firma Jarle E.R. Skadberg AS is a consultancy company within buildings and real estate. We have offices in Stavanger, Oslo and Egersund. We have experience from hundreds of construction and real estate projects in Norway.


35 years of interdisciplinary experience from construction, real estate, construction and property development and management experience from offshore constructions with strict quality routines, provides solid professional competence without having to deal with a large and bureaucratic organization, something we find that our clients appreciate.


With employees in construction engineering and business administration who work with property development and investment analysis, we can assist our clients throughout the whole real estate value chain: from investment analysis, drafting of building plans, quality control, involved in the buy and sale process and subsequent asset management.


We are a small enterprise with efficient organization and high level of expertise in many key areas that is cost-saving for our clients.


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Our clients are contractors, real estate developers, municipalities, government run corporations, insurance companies, lawyers, banks, professional real estate investors, small and large construction companies, agricultural and private clients.


 We assist our clients with:


- HSSE management.


- Project management, building design management, construction management of large commercial buildings, field developments, housing blocks, etc.


- Financial management of projects.


- Draft zoning plans, municipal plans, plan analysis.


- Thermography and air permiability control.


- Land survey, scanning, map, as-built survey, stake out and surveying, clarification land demarcation.


- Real estate development, market analysis, valuation and analysis.


- Real estate sales, assistance real estate purchases.


- Appraisal of residential, commercial property, land, appraisal nature caused damage, appraisal fire caused damage, appraisal goods and chattles etc.


- Housing sales report.


- Construction claims, quality control, fungal and damp damage.


- Independent control of fire concept, wet room, air permiability control.


- Real estate law assistance to legal parties and lawyers, neighboring law vs. Property, disposition act, other relevant laws.


- Experience from all courts of law, conciliation boards, district court, arbitration tribunal, arbitration, court of law, documents to the Supreme Court. Experience as a judge in some criminal cases gives knowledge of the formal aspects seen by the judicial authority.


 - Various Norwegian standards in quality, engineering, contracts and construction law.







We will handle the client's needs in a trustworthy and professional manner with fousing on excellent expertise. Our integrity is valuable to us and something we take care of - it is not always so in today's market environment.



We are a cost efficient company that utilizes our extensive professional wide range of expertise that will benefit you as a client. This gives us a better opportunity to offer you more favorable options than using a larger player in the construction and real estate market.



We strive for accuracy in everything we do in the wide range of services we offer. In communication with municipalities, authorities and real estate players, our focus is to be precise throughout the process and in cooperation with various parties. When using us as a consultant you can be certain that we comply with current regulations and guidelines in the industry.













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