Stake out and surveying

We are more than happy to offer stake out and surveying of small and large buildings, different structures, terrain, road construction and more. We also assist with map services.


Our combined experience with land surveying, regulatory assistance, additional education from University in real estate, courses in the "land register law", assistance in property matters, offers solid competence - we are talking about your safety.


We are a representative for world-leading Leica Geosystems satellite-based positioning system, SmartNet. We have the latest Leica equipment and use both US GPS and Russian Glonass satellites in our work. This provides better coverage under challenging conditions. We also use intricate equipment with an integrated scanning system that models building and terrain as needed.


We provide demarcation detection vis-à-vis existing demarcations, which implies certain and uncertain demarcations, analyse old contracts, building certificates, servitudes, zoning and planning, safety, environmental, and more.


When subdividing land we assist with the application and procedure that ensures that our clients get a good follow-up in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Building Act (PBL) and the Matrikkel Act.




As-built drawings


We offer As-built drawings for all types of projects. Many building contracts require as-built drawings and it will also be advantageous with As-built drawings, even when this is not required. With full As-built drawings, rebuilding, repair and maintenance can be carried out easier.









We perform 3D laser scanning. We use modern equipment that will do scanning for all your projects.